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Yahweh interview part 3
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February 21, 2011 11:55 PM PST
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Another great discussion with Yahweh,Brian Lenard Golightly Marshall. As we proceed to discuss the poisoning of Earth through GMO and Chem trails, the Strawman account issue, the Federal Reserve, Tribe of Judah,what makes a good person and much more. The discussion came out incredibly well, of course he's Yahweh why wouldn't it.
My co pilot Ariel was back on board and added some great questions and energy to the mix-

Fight the Power Radio
February 08, 2011 10:20 PM PST
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This episode we spoke with Brian Lenard Golightly Marshall from Australia,he says he's the reincarnation of Jesus Christ/Yahweh/Jah i.e. God or how he likes to be called the the Big Kahuna , no joke. We discuss almost EVERYTHING the pyramids,his curing of Cancer,Chem trails, GMO Foods, War, Bankers, Illuminati, Free Masons,the Corruption of the Bible,Judgement Day, and Lucifer- We did no pre interview, interview or planning this is just straight off the cuff, I got a message on myspace about Brian and boom I set up the interview for the same night. So at first I'm just seeing if this guy is a lunatic or that I can easily dissmiss and boot off the show, low an behold he was highly intelligent and came from a perspective I wasn't expecting, I knew we were on to something. YOU FOUND THIS FOR A REASON YOU NEED TO HEAR TO THIS, and Spread this to everyone you know online and else where.. just google Brian and you'll find him all over, Seek and ye shall find-